How to build great products – Resources and Links

Here you find some resources and links from my presentation „How to build great products – Product Discovery and Design Thinking at Corporate Scale“ from MobX Berlin, September 2016.

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11 principles for a successful product discovery

  1. Take enough time to explore and iterate. But keep discoveries small enough to create a validated solution in a couple of weeks.
  2. Integrate all relevant perspectives. But keep the core team small.
  3. On larger or new projects create goal alignment.
  4. Create a mutual understanding of the problem.
  5. Be open for unexpected outcomes. But stay focused on solving the identified core problem.
  6. Don’t start building the „Eierlegende Wollmilchsau“. Don’t stop at the MVP.
  7. Iterate!
  8. Feel responsible for the whole product and the whole user experience
  9. Don’t throw your discovery results over the wall. Integrate your engineers into the discovery process and support them during execution.
  10. Don’t end the discovery with the launch. Look at the numbers and plan the next iteration.
  11. Be courageous!

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